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Hollywood CA Tree Services | Hollywood CA Tree Company Fully Equipped With Boom Truck

(818) 230-2123 - Tree Service Minimum $450

Hollywood CA Tree Trimming is a necessity for the well being of your trees health, its beauty and to maintain the safety of your property. Tree Trimming consists of natural shaping, branch trimming, crown reduction and sometimes tree removals are needed.


Hollywood Tree Removals & Stump Grinding

(818) 230-2123 - Tree Service Minimum $450

Hollywood Tree Removals & Stump Grinding supervisors monitor each job carefully and communicate the necessities of the client. Without proper maintenance, trees could have branches rubbing together, creating entry points for pests or disease pathogens and even death.


Hollywood CA Palm Trimming

(818) 230-2123 - Tree Service Minimum $450

Hollywood Palm Skinning is the term used to describe removing the spent frond attachments from the trunk. It adds aesthetic value by creating a more even, smooth texture on the trunk surface. Most palm trees in Southern California are primarily Washingtonia or Phoenix genus.


Hollywood CA Emergency Tree Removal

(818) 230-2123 - Tree Service Minimum $450

Hollywood CA Emergency Tree Removal really is a valued service proved by Supreme Tree Experts. Tree Emergencies can happen suddenly, and can be costly if your certified expert isn't licensed, bonded and insured like us! Call now, we understand how devastating this can be, call your trusted tree expert!